The benefits of retirement property management

Retirement should be a time when you have the freedom to relax and explore new passions, rather than fret about the condition of your home. If peace of mind and security are two of your biggest concerns in retirement, look no further than Churchill Estate Management. Saving you the time and trouble of maintaining your home, here are some of the perks of using our property management services:

Peace of mind

The best part about retirement property management is that it frees your mind of worry. As a retirement home owner, you might expect to have to look after the maintenance of your property, and ensure your own safety and security. But with a reliable property manager, your days of worrying are over! Relieving you of those time-consuming tasks that no-one looks forward to, you get free rein to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you desire.

24 hour assistance

As you get older, knowing you have someone to turn to during an emergency is a big help. With a retirement property management company, you can enjoy specialist support and fast communication with people that know your circumstances in and out.

With Churchill Estate Management, you can take advantage of our own in-house Careline service, which operates all year-round, and every hour of the day! This way, if you have a problem in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning, there will always be someone ready to listen!

Fixes and repairs are taken care of

During your retirement years, you don’t really want to have to dust off your hammer and wrench to look after fixes and repairs. With a property management company to depend on, you can put your fear of DIY to the side. At Churchill Estate Management, we carry out regular building inspections to ensure your property is in the best possible condition. Prioritizing the needs of our owners, we identify any potential issues before they get serious!

Great value for money

Having someone to manage your retirement property isn’t free, but what you can expect is incredible value for money. Service charges largely go towards keeping the property maintained and redecorated (outdoor and indoor), as well as the staff and security that are in place to make your day-to-day life easier. So if you suddenly have to deal with a faulty appliance, don’t panic – your service charges will cover you!

With Churchill Estate Management, your service charge goes that extra mile to cover many extra aspects of retirement living. This includes the support of your Lodge Manager, the cleaning of the Owners’ Lounge, and your heating bills!

The right to manage

A retirement property management company is always looking at ways to give you the best lifestyle in your later years. So if there is ever any doubt you have about your living conditions or property manager, Churchill Estate Management lets you play a role in managing your development, and making landlord appointments. With the Right to Manage, retired homeowners are empowered to make changes that help improve their retirement lifestyle!


Looking for a retirement property service to make your life easier? Turn to Churchill Estate Management, and you’ll have the freedom and independence to enjoy a higher level of retirement living.