Signs that you need a Retirement Property Management Service

No day is ever the same as a landlord of a retirement development. With a variety of tasks and responsibilities to take on, it’s a role that requires you to think on your feet and always be reactive to the needs of your retired residents. In other words, it’s a lot to take on!

Feeling overwhelmed with the duties of a retirement landlord? Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you might need a retirement property management service:

You are struggling to find good tenants

Having reliable tenants makes a huge difference to the work of a property manager. Without the added challenge of dealing with late payments, your time will be freed up to focus on the maintenance and admin of your development! This is where a retirement property management company saves the day. At Churchill Estate Management, we can take control of the screening process, carrying out credit and reference checks to make sure you get matched with the best possible tenants.

Your developments are growing

With maintenance, customer care and marketing to take care of, managing one property is already a difficult task. But the more your portfolio of retirement developments grows, the more work you’ll need to do! As your business expands, hiring a property manager is a natural way of making your workload more manageable. A property manager can take a lot of the responsibilities off your shoulders, and free you to look at ways to further grow your business.

You live far from the development

If you have to take a long-winded adventure to get to your retirement development, last minute tenant requests and maintenance problems can be a huge pain. This is especially true with older residents, who often need around the clock care and support! However, you can escape this issue by getting a local property manager to step in whenever there’s an emergency. From the comfort of your own home, you can use a property management company to act on your behalf.

Your property is showing signs of neglect

If you are managing a property, you will have a lot of different plates to spin. At one moment you could be dealing with a tenant request – the next, carrying out a property inspection. With a lot of different tasks to juggle, it’s natural that some of your maintenance responsibilities might fall by the wayside. Have you noticed that your property needs a new paint job, or some urgent repairs? It might be time to consider a property management service!

You feel overwhelmed

Let’s face it – being a landlord is a challenging career. As well as being at the beck and call of your residents (often on a 24/7 basis), you also need to handle rent collection and tenant complaints! If you want peace of mind and the comfort of knowing you won’t receive an emergency call at a moment’s notice, hiring a retirement management company is a decision that you won’t regret. You can say goodbye to days of stress, and let someone else take on the burden of property management.


Are you looking to take a more hands-off approach to property management? Churchill Estate Management can help you enjoy a more carefree career by taking charge of duties like site maintenance, tenant applications, and 24/7 support services. Learn more about all of our services here!


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